Porcelain Slab: Toronto’s Newest Trend

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Porcelain Slab: Toronto’s Newest Trend


Do you love new trends in home decorating? Are you interested in new technologies and innovative materials? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you should check out Toronto’s newest countertop material – the porcelain slab.


Porcelain slab has been around since the late 1990s, but recent improvements in the manufacturing process have led to a revival in interest in this very hardy material. Here are some of the many advantages of porcelain slab:

  • Outdoor. Porcelain is so tough that it can withstand heat, humidity, rain, snow and cold. It’s so durable that it’s even suitable for outdoor use! So, if your home design requires linkage between indoor and outdoor spaces, porcelain may be the answer to your design prayers!
  • Design versatility. Porcelain can be manufactured in any colour or design. Currently, it’s available in faux-marble designs and other natural looking tones, but it has the potential to really explode within the design world. Recent developments make it possible for clients to upload their own designs, which could be incorporated into the material. In addition, porcelain counters can integrate sinks – and these sinks could also carry the client’s design. The possibilities are very exciting. Porcelain slab can also be used on walls or floors. And because it’s manufactured by companies that specialize in porcelain tile, slab can be made to match tile colours and designs exactly, which also leads to new décor possibilities.
  • Thin but strong. Porcelain is so strong that slabs can be made much thinner than most countertop material. Thin countertops are ideal for small areas or for contemporary design. Installers and fabricators also appreciate the thin material because it’s easy to handle and lighter than stone. Also, if you have an existing countertop that needs to be replaced, it may be possible to install porcelain slab on top of it. This eliminates the need for costly or difficult removal.
  • Seamless. Porcelain slab can be made in large sheets, which means that smaller areas, such as islands, can often be completely covered, with no seams. Larger counter areas will have fewer seams than would be necessary with more conventional materials.
  • Tough and competitive. Porcelain slab is heat-resistant and scratch-resistant, like granite. It’s non-porous, like quartz and is competitively priced to rival either of these two materials.

Material for the 21st Century

The design possibilities of porcelain slab are endless. And the future of this innovative material also looks interesting. At 2013’s LivingKItchen show in Cologne, Germany, one display featured a porcelain countertop with induction burners built right into the surface.
In addition, a Spanish company is poised to introduce a hybrid material made of porcelain, quartz and glass, and new porcelain cooking surfaces for delicate pastry are in development.
Porcelain slab is not yet widely available in the Toronto area, but a few of the best GTA stone importer-distributors carry it.
Explore the possibilities of porcelain slab for your home. This beautiful material’s strength and durability are unmatched, and its design promise is unlimited!